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Custom Categories: Services

Human & Animal Cremators

Steam House is the acknowledged leader in cremation equipment which is environmentally friendly. We offer installation support and service with all cremators.

Steam Boilers Specialists

Our friendly team of boiler experts can diagnose and repair commercial, industrial and residential boilers, to keep your HVAC system running efficiently and effectively for years to come.

Waste Water/Heat Treatment Plant

We provide complete solutions for effluent treatment, common effluent treatment and sewage treatment which comprises physical, chemical & biological treatment based on advanced technologies.

Electrical and Electronics

Our expertise can help you gain faster, more efficient entry to virtually any market in the world. Developing the highest quality electrical and electronic goods that are safe and energy efficient.

Mechanical and Plumbing

We carry out all aspects of mechanical & plumbing services. We have a dedicated team of professionally trained engineers carrying out installation and maintenance.