Haat’s incinerator packages are normally supplied to the Oil & Gas sector and are designed to meet the very high standards expected in this industry.

Quality assurance forms an important part in the making of this package with stringent raw material inspection.  For example, steel may need to comply with grades like ASTM SA 516 which are critical when it comes to the long term performance of these systems.  Along with heat number traceability, chemical and mechanical testing may be conducted to ensure compliance to the required standard.  Welding is performed by welders qualified to ASME Section IX, piping complies with ASME B31.3 and NDE is conducted as per ASME Section V by an inspector qualified to ASNT Level 2 as a minimum.  Painting is also critical in these incinerator packages and requires surface preparation (grit blasting) complying with SSPC/ISO/NACE standards with multiple layer paints being applied in special temperature controlled booths.  Final testing is conducted as per the client approved factory acceptance test procedure.

As most Oil & Gas sites are remote and the availability of resources may sometimes be difficult, it is important to ensure that maximum work is done in the manufacturer’s shop.  Haat has all the production facilities in house including equipment such as hydraulic rolling machine, column and boom welding machine, grit blasting and painting booths.  Clients or their appointed TPI (Third Party Inspection) Agency usually witness or review progress on a regular basis.  The SRD incinerator is usually skid mounted with most equipment already fixed onto the skid with interconnecting piping, cabling completed, instruments fixed, loop tested, refractory cured and even fired and tested as per site conditions (with similar wastes as far as possible).  The entire skid is then packed into a box and though most small incinerator packages will fit into standard sized open top containers, larger ones may be ODC and require flat racks.

Haat has supplied incinerator packages to Reliance, Cairn, Hyundai Heavy Industries, National Iranian Oil Company, Descon and many more.  More details on these packages can be found in our references page here –

Engineered for customised needs

Skid mounted incinerator package designs are preferred where the operations shift from one place to the other or when maximum shop fabrication is preferred and minimum site services are required.  These packages are supplied with all equipment on skid with complete cable, instrumentation, piping, etc. readymade and ready to operate.

Suitable for oil drilling and camp sites on-site incineration

Especially for oil and gas drilling sites and man camps, this system can be designed such that utilities are connected with the turn of a few bolts and a few wires.  It is an incinerator package ready to go.

Easy to transport, install and operate

These units are designed keeping in mind transport requirements in terms of dimensions, making it easy to transport.  The base plates are located on readymade foundations without having to have individual foundations for various equipment and accessories.


From 200 kg/h to 1500 kg/h, any capacity in this range can be supplied.