If you are a ship / platform owner, builder or ship service provider, we realise the importance of your having to focus on your main activities without having to worry about waste management.  When you are offshore, every inch of space is precious and effective waste management ensures no space goes to waste!

MEPC.201(62) are the revised MARPOL Annexure V regulations for the prevention of pollution by garbage from ships.  It was adopted on 15 Jul 2011 and provides definitions for various terms used related to prevention of pollution by garbage from ships.  It also defines sea boundaries and prohibits discharge of garbage into the sea or defines acceptable discharge outside or within special areas.  It gives the requirements of discharge of garbage from fixed or floating platforms and indicates requirements of reception facilities, port state control and defines garbage management plans and record keeping.  Shipboard incinerators constructed on or after 1 January 2000 or an incinerator which is installed on board a ship on or after 1 January 2000 need to be designed and operated as per MEPC 244(66) and meet the requirement of Appendix IV of this regulation.

The 2014 MEPC 244(66) standard specification for shipboard incinerators covers the design, manufacture, performance, operation and testing of incinerators intended to incinerate garbage and other shipboard wastes generated during the ship’s normal service.

Garbage and sludge oil waste management require compliance to these standards and it is important to choose an effective solution that:

  • Is in itself compact and self-contained.
  • Requires little or no site fabrication work.
  • Is automatically controlled and safe to use.
  • Has low running costs.
  • Is IMO type approved.
  • Has low initial costs.
  • Provides for spares and services.
  • Is from an established manufacturer.

Haat Incinerators India offers all of the above with their new SWR marine incinerator range available from 200 KW to 2400 KW complying to IMO’s MEPC.244(66) – standard specification for shipboard incinerators.  Haat is able to offer equipment at affordable prices.

Haat’s range has successfully undergone type testing by the reputed classification body DNV-GL and is now certified to MED (Marine Equipment Directive) B+D which includes IMO type approval as per MEPC.244(66).

Onboard disposal of ship waste

All organic ship waste – including liquids, sludge and solids, particularly oil residues, oil soaked cotton, food waste, etc. can be disposed onboard without without causing any pollution to the sea or to the environment with an onboard incinerator.

These systems can be used by cruise or merchant ships, offshore platforms as well as onshore by electricity boards or power plants.

Compact design

Primary and secondary chambers housed in the same shell with control panel mounted on the side.  The incinerator can also be mounted on a skid or containerised.

Smokeless and odourless emission

If charged and operated properly, the incinerator functions without any smoke or odour.

Suitable for corrosive atmosphere

Construction is such that it is suitable for seawater corrosion as well as the salty atmosphere.

IMO type approved

These incinerators are IMO type approved as per MARPOL regulations and MED (Marine Equipment Directive) modules B+D certified.  The certificate is valid till 2021.

Capacities(Between 200 – 2400 KW)

Upto 2400 KW (heat output), any incinerator capacity in this range can be supplied.